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When I left Rooster Brew this past Friday, downtown Paris, KY was fast asleep. I decided to take myself a little stroll up and down some of the unknown Paris streets. For no real particular reason other than it sounded more enjoyable than driving straight back to Lexington at the time.

The air was brisk and seemed extra quiet. Likely because I had just spent the previous four hours in a brewery filled with people talking and laughing and eating and drinking. Just having a good old time. With each step I took further away from all of that fellowship, I was going over what a great time we all had and I felt a little sad that it had to end.

Going from one extreme to the other, like stepping out of a brewery full of people to wandering around the streets of Paris alone, can sometimes make one of the extremes seem more extreme than it is. But for me it was all fine, it was a time for recollection and sorting ideas. Did that make sense? Probably not. Sometimes I ramble.

What I’m trying to get at is that I didn’t feel a sadness because my fun Friday night was over and I was walking by myself through a small town that I didn’t know my way around. No, I was feeling good. My time at Rooster Brewing that night had such a good air about it that it carried over to my aloneness and I couldn’t help but smile while I was walking along and remembering how it all went down.

We had records spinning on the stereo, cold beer in our glasses and tasty food in our stomach. 609 Main Street in Paris, KY was the place to be, let me tell ya. They say the early bird gets the worm, or in this case, gets the seat closest to where the beer is poured. So, I got there early to snag a stool somewhere at the bar and to catch up with Ralph Quillin to see what all he had in store for the evening.

Ralph told me the big announcements were happening at 8, which gave me a solid two hours of listening to music and mingling with the regulars. All of which seem to have never met a stranger. Even though most of them had never seen me, they didn’t mind at all that some big, tall lanky feller was walking around taking pictures. I was made to feel right at home from both the patrons and employees.


That stool at the bar that I had longed for earlier wasn’t much use for me. I meandered around talking to all different types of folks. Some that are there nearly every time the doors are open and some that were just in town for the day before they headed back home to Maryland. I got to meet Ralph’s wife, Donna, and their Bull Mastiff pup, Angus. I got to know the folks behind the bar, Kaylyn, Ricki and Vinny. Vinny is Ralph and Donna’s son and is going to be managing the expansion in Lexington. Everyone seemed happy to be there. Which made the whole place come alive with good vibes.

Before I knew it 8 o’clock had snuck right up on me and Ralph was taking his place standing up on the cooler behind the bar. I positioned myself at what I thought was the best place to get some good pictures and listened while he and Vinny both thanked everyone that has played a part in the success and growth of Rooster Brewing and all of its future endeavors.


The first big announcement was the name of the new place going in on South Limestone here in Lexington. Ozcar Diggs will soon become a staple in the Lexington food and beer scene. It’s going to be an incredible partnership between Lexington’s best food truck, The Gastro Gnomes, and what’s soon to become one of Lexington’s favorite breweries, Rooster Brewing. If all things go as planned, they are hoping for a late summer opening this year.

The second announcement was the name of the Rooster expansion into Georgetown, Captain Tuttle’s. It’s still in its pretty early planning stages but they are hoping to be up and running by spring of 2018.  It’s going to be located on South Water Street and it will be a large three building compound. When I asked Ralph what people should expect he told me to think of it as a place similar to Tolly-Ho with Rooster Brew beer and a killer patio.

The third and biggest announcement was the naming of Kaylyn Shumate as the new head brewer for Rooster Brewing. She becomes only the second female head brewer in the state of Kentucky. I got to talk to her for a little bit throughout the night. Not only is she incredibly nice but she knows her stuff when it comes to brewing. Ralph has put his beer in good hands.


Once the announcements were made and hands were clapped, it was time for me to mosey on out and grab some grub from the Gnomes. DSC06949I’d had a hankerin’ for a good burger from the moment I got there and they sure did deliver. Sweet mercy! Kyle and Andrew know how to cook up a tasty dish. I, along with many others, can’t wait to see what they have in store for Ozcar Diggs.

Once the night started winding down we capped it off with a jubilant toast to new things to come.  And since I’ve always felt like it’s best to end on a high note, I gathered up my bag and camera and said my goodbyes to my new Rooster Brewing/Gastro Gnomes family.

I found my way to the door and stepped out…where the sleepy streets of Paris welcomed my wandering.

-Cody S. Decker official “scribe” of Rooster Brew


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