I’m sure by now you’ve heard that something new is going into the old Merit Furniture place on Limestone. You may have even heard that it is going to be a tasty partnership between Rooster Brewing from downtown Paris and the consistently delicious Gastro Gnomes food truck. You may have also heard what they are planning to name the place…if you have, could you tell me? I still don’t know that.

You may have not heard any of these things yet and that’s fine, too. Hell, that makes it even better for me. It means I’m actually breaking some news to someone.

Today, I don’t really have a whole lot of new information that differs from what the other places in town have written about it so far. Because as of right now it’s in its very early stages of planning and construction. But as progress continues, I’m going to be checking in once or twice every thirty days (sometimes more frequently depending on what’s happening) down at 157 North Limestone and take a few pictures of the place while I shoot the breeze with Ralph Quillin and find out what’s new.

Ralph is the co-founder of Rooster Brewing along with his wife, Donna, I wrote a piece about his brewery in Paris a little over a year ago and we’ve kept in touch ever since. So, when he asked me to chronicle this new venture with him, I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.

I’m going to do my best to make these things I write as informative as I possibly can without being full of nothing but lines of information.  I probably won’t barrage you with numbers and statistics and you probably won’t see very many quotes, unless they’re good ones that stick with me and my horrible memory. And it won’t be in MLA format.

I just don’t care too much for following someone around with a pen and paper trying to frantically jot down everything they say. Nor do I like using a voice recorder. Both of those tend to take away from that fact that we’re just two people talking. It adds an aspect to it, for me anyway, that infringes on the human element of good ol’ back and forth conversation.

I’m going to try my best to make these articles/stories seem like you and I are having a conversation. Granted, it will be a very one-sided conversation but you catch my drift. I’m hoping it will be something you will enjoy reading yet still take away something that you didn’t know before you clicked on it.

As for today, this is going to serve as more of an introduction what we’re trying to do and give you a heads up so you can look forward to more.

However, I did venture down to the new spot last week and gave it a look.  I met up with Ralph and a fellow by the name of Graham Allen, of SQUARE PEGS, a local freelance group, specializing in Graphic Design, Fine Arts and Murals.  Graham is an incredible artist who is going to be doing some mural work on this project. He did the work on the walls of Mirror Twin Brewing and several other projects around Lexington.  Not to mention the awesome Tom Waits mural he did in Paris.  If you haven’t seen it, you need to change that.

I took some pictures of the place, both inside and out, and Ralph gave me a little bit of an idea of where everything is going to be. But it’s not set in stone yet, so we’ll save the juicy details for a little further on down the road.

I can tell you that the space is big and open and they plan on keeping it that way. There are two skylights that will bring in just enough natural light to keep the place feeling cozy but not too shut off from the outside world so you don’t feel like you’re in a hole. The original brick on the walls will remain exposed and the hardwood floor that supported furniture for sixty plus years will be getting a good sanding and refinishing.

Take a gander here at some of the pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The whole place will have the warm comfort and charm of somewhere you’ve been a thousand times, even though it’s new.

There may even be talk of a rooftop patio…once everything is up and running well on the inside.  But let’s keep that between you and me for now.

This partnership between The Gnomes and The Rooster has been brewing for quite some time now. I’m thrilled that it’s finally coming to fruition and I can’t wait to work with the guys from Gastro Gnomes and Rooster Brewing and everyone else that will be involved.

I hope you’ll follow us as we go from blueprints and hardhats to cold beer and hot food.


-Cody S. Decker                                                                                                                                             Kentucky Author and Poet


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